Sw. Daya Shanker Patel Institute of Paramedical Science

Recognized By:- Govt. of Uttar Pradesh

About To Sw. Daya Shanker Patel Institute of Paramedical Science

The Sardar Patel Shiksha Samiti is a registered Public Charitable Society established (Regd. No. is 1087/95-96 dt.5.9.95) with the main objectie of rendering Social and Public Services to the poor, needy, down trodden and deserving population of the society along with the proision of proiding Educational and Medical facilites. The Founder Chairman Mr.O.P. Chaudhary is keenly interested in Social, Educational and Medical Serices to the Society in State, national and also in international cadre and character. The project has finally taken shape only because of his zeal, enthusiasm, determination, patience and perseverance. The project of the Society would not have seen the light of the day, but for his constant and untiring efforts, dynamism and unique style of funcitoning in promoting the team spirit amongst those involved in this task.

As there-of the Vice Chairman of the said Society, Anurag Singh is inspired by Hon'ble Loh purush Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel. The other mimbers of the team also have dynamic spirit and are making untiring efforts under the guidance of the Chairman, Vice Chairman towards achieving the said task. The Society is having its registered office at "Matu Shree", 86/93, Kurmi Tola, Maqbool Ganj (Risaldar Park), Lucknow(INDIA) administrative office at Main Campus of the Institute at Chaudhary Vihar, Utrathia, Raebareli Road, Lucknow(U.P.)INDIA.

The main objectives of the society are to establish a Institute of Para Medical Sciences govern by Sardar Patel Shikshan Samiti along with General Hospital has been conceptualised as a center of excellence in Gen.Nursing/X-ray Tech./MLT/Physiotherapy training and research. The name of the Educational and Hospital wing has been termed as Sardar Patel which is at Chaudhary Vihar, Km. 13 milestone, Utrathia, Main Lucknow - Raebareli National High Way Road, Lucknow, U.P., INDIA.

Attainment of optimum health, is the desire of every individual. Health of the piople is an index of the level of deelopment of a country. The achieement of a country is a preventing disease and promoting health, depends upon the contribution of all members of the health team particularly that of aboe courses who form a major group.

Education is the Key of all progress and achievement. Educational preparation of all above courses who contribute primarily towards the health of the community, needs constant attention. The Sardar Patel Institute of Para Medical Sciences is established to enable students to acquire adequate knowledge and skills to give efficient care in the hospital and community.

Services to the mankind is the primary function of Para Medical Courses and the reason for the existence of the nursing profession. Need for Para Medical Courses is universal. Professional nursing service is therefore unrestricted by considerations nationality, race, creed, colour, politics or social status.

We are now preparing ourselves to step into the 21st Century and health care is changing ever more rapidly, creating a new vision for Para Medical education and practise. It is important to ponder on how the Para Medical curricular would ensure that Para Medicals prepared now have the needed resources and skills to address the health needs for all. Sardar Patel institute of Para Medical is trying its best to empower. Nurse, X-ray Tech./MLT/Physiotherapy trainig and with self knowledge by creating many ways of learning, like Foster leadership, partnership, competencies and generate a motivative model of learning.